Types Of Programmers ( www.JayDwayne.com )
  1. Tool users — people who have expertise in some specific field, e.g. biology, medicine, trading, music, whatever — and use programming as a powerful tool to augment/extend their pre-existing expertise.
  2. Tool builders — people who use lower-level languages to create higher-level languages for tool users and/or for other tool builders. This includes people who invent languages, libraries and APIs.
  3. Tool appliers — people who combine some expertise in both the above, in order to create applications which consume tools and are consumed by tool users. This includes various shades and varieties of software professionals — developers (such as myself), engineers, architects, analysts, recruitment agents and many other kinds of specialists.
  • Googling, StackOverflow, forums. Learn-as-you-go. Copy/pasting fragments.
  • Applying frameworks and libraries. Consistent approach to structuring applications and code. Unit testing.
  • Hand-picking architectural styles, design patterns, algorithms, data structures. Domain modelling. Design and planning up-front, as opposed to just writing code.
  • Developing theories, proofs. System-building. New fields of research. Innovation. Pushing the envelope.



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Jay Dwayne

Jay Dwayne is an interactive Software developer & Graphic designer striving to craft memorable experiences on the digital canvas. Currently based in Nairobi.